YOU GUYS. The everything-is-canceled-help-pay-the-bills-thank-you-thank-you-thank-you-sale is LIVE. So much inventory on massive discount; some new things never listed also on discount, and some close out items on Super Duper massive discount. (Bookmarks are alllll $1.00).
Like these TOTE BAGS! Only $12 and amazing. They hold TWELVE MEGA ROLLs of TP. By my Charmin math, that’s like 1000 regular rolls. Woah. Also, the totes hold up super well under a full load of groceries. Perfect if you’re in a city with a plastic bag ban or really anywhere 🙂 ...
Sending love to everyone whose income has gone haywire this month, and gratitude to those who are able to support us during this unstable time. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
Also, 10% off all non-sale items with code STAYATHOME

Sale will run till things get 'back to normal' <3

... 🖤 .

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