Introducing Inca

The Tin Owl has a new helper. Meet Inca. The best cat in the whole entire world. (I might be biased.)img_6025 Inca joined The Tin Owl family FIVE months ago - where does the time go?! I thought it was about time to introduce her properly. Inca came into my life in the way most wonderful things do - through a totally random pairing of timing and circumstance, just when I needed her most. Cool things about Inca: She plays fetch. Enough said. She's also really good at helping me work. img_6350 img_6929 img_6937 Sometimes she looks like a darling little kitty cat. img_5636 Sometimes she looks like Yoda. img_6872 Sometimes she looks like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. img_6047 Sometimes she looks like Kermit the Frog. img_5471-2 Sometimes she's as snuggly as they come. img_6441 Sometimes she just needs her space. img_6169 She's an avid reader. Harry Potter is her favorite. (She's got great taste.) img_5703 She loves arugula. And sunflowers. (And I'm told cheddar cheese, though I've yet to witness this.) She loves to engage in good conversation. She's especially opinionated around mealtime. I call her Inca Stinka. And Stinka Bear. And Stinker Bell. And little munchkin. And whatever else comes to mind when she's waiting by the door wagging her half tail when I get home at the end of the day. She's my little puppy cat. Here are a few more pictures of Inca, because she just loves the camera. (That is false. She usually tries to eat the camera or play with it or run away, depending on her mood.) img_6920 img_6841 img_6830 img_6563 img_5534 img_5025 img_4528-3 img_4415 Inca has been a huge help editing photos and working on the computer and being a main source of inspiration and giggles. Because she likes to shed and flex her little claws, she stays away from the studio where all The Tin Owl goods are made. So everything is still shipped out free from kitty allergens! But now it's infused with kitty love. :) If you want to see more pictures of Inca, I post every so often on Instagram!

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