I Don't Drink Coffee but i really want that mug...

...(Author's note: I DO drink coffee and lots and lots of it, but I hear this from quite a few people. Interesting.)Jon Snow Patronus Mug

My first suggestion is always 'well start drinking coffee!' But I realize that's maybe not the option everyone is looking for. So if you see a mug you like and are looking for ways to justify purchasing it, here are a few:

  • • Make it a tea/water/whiskey/beer/kool-aid/wine mug. Or my (second) favorite, an oatmeal bowl.
  • • Use it as a pen holder. I lose pens all the time so it's nice to have a central place for back-up pens that makes me smile in the midst of my pen-losing frustrations.
  • • Use it as a water dish for your cat. If your cat is anything like mine and will only consume water from a human cup, not a cat bowl, and for some unknown reason likes variety in drinkware, this is an excellent option.
  • • Make it a planter for your favorite succulents! 
  • • Grow some other cool stuff and make it a planter for that!
  • • Make it a planter for plastic plants if you have no green thumb like me!
  • • Maybe you have some random 'junk' belongings but not enough to devote an entire drawer to; cue junk-mug.
  • • Mugs make great gifts for first dates. Just kidding. Kind of. But they do make great gifts.

          Got any other ideas?! We'd love to hear :) In the meantime, if you desperately need a fun new mug now, we've got you covered. Or shop all the state mugs here.

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