Happy National Library Week!

Happy National Library Week!

Books and libraries hold a special place in my soul. I grew up in them. The library was my happy place, surrounded by books filled with adventures and escape and dreams. For the most part, they were quiet, and I sought out solitude. During middle school and high school years I'd spend the occasional lunch hour in the library, finding respite from teen drama in the safe space the library offered. During college, the library was the gathering place on campus - where friendships were formed, dates were made, futures planned. As an adult, the library has offered an endless supply of knowledge to help me research my dreams, brilliant librarians who somehow know more than Google (they're magicians, I swear), and an endless catalog of music and movies and books to inspire me along the way.

Here's to libraries :)

PS these lil magnets and bookmarks are a great way to say thank you to the librarians in your life :) 

So Many Books Magnet So Many Books Bookmark So Many Books Card

So Many Books So Little Time

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