Fundraisers for the Twin Cities

My heart is overflowing with sadness and grief and love and hope. Last week we watched a man get murdered by another man sworn to protect him. In the days following, we've watched our communities come together in protest and love and rage and action, and destruction, too often by outsiders with malice, has been a part of that. 

Our local businesses that have already been suffering from the effects of Covid shutdowns have been hit with fires and vandalism, with the small businesses, a majority owned by people of color, being hit the hardest. 

This also coincides with Pride month. It's crucial (and fitting) to remember that Pride started as a protest & a riot. Each June we've done a fundraiser for The Trevor Project; this June we're doing something just a little different:

These percentages are taken off the entire price of the item, not just our profit margin (which is how we usually do fundraisers). Buy something for $20 from the Pride collection? $10 goes the The Trevor Project (and the other $10 goes to make your goodies) Fundraiser runs through the month of June.

Don't need stuff and just want to donate? Yay. Here are some links:


  • Support the Cities - they have a comprehensive list of ways to donate your time, money, skills, goods...  
  • 8 Can't Wait - 8 policies to decrease police violence by 72%  - our voices are needed to enact these


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