I launched The Tin Owl in August of 2013. The name was completely random; I was focusing on photography and wanted a name for my business that wasn't my first and last name, since historically that had been hard for customers to remember :) I happened to be wearing a metal owl necklace while brainstorming, and The Tin Owl popped into my head. It stuck. The Tin Owl: Photo Art by Maren Misner

Fast forward a few years. I started doing more design and thought I should keep it separate from my photography (why?! I have no idea). I launched Juniper & Spruce, a name that represents my two favorite trees and all that is beautiful in the world to me :) But, a wise business owner I worked with in Madison suggested I keep all of my work under one name - separating it would only double the work and confuse customers. And why couldn't I have different mediums together?! I really hadn't thought that one through. So I scratched Juniper & Spruce and put everything under The Tin Owl.

Fast forward to today. The name The Tin Owl has always been fun, it has served me well, and I'm so grateful for the six years I've had with the name. But I've never felt completely connected to it; it always felt temporary. And the name Juniper & Spruce has been whispering to me, inviting me back. It feels right, I feel connected to it, and I feel it better represents my creative vision.

And so The Tin Owl is officially becoming Juniper & Spruce!! What does this mean for you? Nothing, really :) Just that you'll see the name Juniper & Spruce now instead of The Tin Owl. Woo hoo!! Over the next few days I'll be transitioning all social media and websites over to the new (old) name. All old links and emails should stay active for awhile unless I really mess something up :)  

Thank you for your continued support <3 I hope you love Juniper & Spruce as much as I do!!


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